About us

 ELETTROGRAF S.R.L. is a Italian-Romanian company which promotes HOT MELT adhesives on the Romanian market produced by Elettrograf SAS Italy and other packaging systems.

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Areas of Elettrografproducts application : tapestry, cars, cartotehnica, ceramics, toys, packaging, shoes, cables, plastics, furniture, etc.

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Retail products

We can supply to any chain of shop hobby, bricolage, and encasement products. The products have warranty according to the law, these are made at our headquarter.

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From 2001 till now Elettrograf srl had participated at national exposition of furniture, encasement, advertising and industrials, as well as at external expositions of encasement.

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Welding guns

Our welding guns that can be used for decorations, artificial flowers, small repairings, DIY and small cardboard projects:
AC 280, Mini glue gun 20 W, Best glue gun 40 W, Best glue gun 60 W, HB180, HB195, HD200, HB700, HB 5010 system

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The adhesives are specially designed for various types of materials as: wood, plastic materials, glass, metal, ceramics, displays, paper, leather, synthetic fibers, electric components, etc.
These adhesives were designed for all industries and can be used both for sealing and filling.

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Ares of hot melt adhesives usage: printing houses, ceramic materials, toys, board packages, cassettes, presents, shoes, electric components, furniture, suitcases, tapistery, mirrors,
paintings, polystyrene, polyethylene, sponge, broaching, binding t-shirts on displays etc

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Packaging materials

Corner brackets, board corner brackets, band rollers, PET band, textile polyester band, metallic band, PP bale bender, PET baling bender, metal baler bender, trolley for PP, textile polyester trolley, foil with bubbles etc

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  • With staples: MEK80 – pneumatic (professional stapler with safety), ME 80 Electric, Comfix P88, etc
  • With nails: TG30 – pneumatic, ME 30 Universal, ELLECTRO 30 electric
  • Bricolage: Primula 12

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Frame assembly machines

Minigraf M3 is a pneumatic frame assembling machine and it has been designed to assemble any kind of frames. It is addressed to mass production of small frames.

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White / red limitation band, yellow / black limitation band, postal box, dark nutwood postal box, simple chock, roll chock, foldable chock, trolley C24, trolley C54, alluminium bag, tool case, tool trolley, work bench, etc.

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We invite you to purchase online staplers and consumables from: www.capsatoaremanuale.ro and www.capsatoareelectrice.ro!


Elettrograf is an authorized distributor:

Alfamacchine srl
Pozzi Pack SRL
Romeo MaestriSpA

Elettrograf SRL have national supply through its own vehicles, courier and national group services.