Clean adhesion

The adhesive bars produced by Elettrograf are solid, without solvents, and do not produce unpleasant odors. Also, they are not toxic, are fireproof and mono-components and can be easily distributed, obtaining a clean adhesion.

Fast adhesion

The Elettrograf application systems use adhesive bars that are melted at high temperatures and result in warm adhesion instantaneously. Just a few seconds are enough for adhesion.

Glue Dots

Apply the glue dots to promote your products. It is a multifunctional system into a comfortable dispenser.


The adhesives are specially designed for various types of materials as: wood, plastic materials, glass, metal, ceramics, displays, paper, leather, synthetic fibers, electric components, etc.

These adhesives were designed for all industries and can be used both for sealing and filling

  • do not have to be warmed
  • instantaneous adhesion
  • it is not toxic
  • do not emanate fumes
  • inflamable
  • easy to clean and use
  • does not require application diveces