Minigraf M3


Profile height (min-max) 6 – 80 mm
Profile width (min-max) 6 – 80 mm
Staple loader capacity 220
Staple height 7-10-15 mm
Staple on request 3-4-5-12 mm
Compressed air pressure 3 – 6 Bari
Air consumption 3.5 Nm3 la 5 Bari
Weight 32 kg
Working bench height 130 mm
Exterior dimensions 4480x300x300 mm

It’s a pneumatic frame assembling machine and it has been designed to assemble any kind of frames. It is addressed to mass production of small frames.

Having a simple construction and being easy to use, makes it possible to join, with absolute precision any kind of frame by means of steel ALFAGRAF staples with a “Pulling Power” effect in different sizes.

MINIGRAF 3 is among others, equipped with a horizontal clamping device to assemble carefully the frames.

The machine is equipped with:
– a pneumatic clamping device to allow the proper locking of the frames to insert the staples in different positions.
– magnetic pressure pads of several size, at quick replacement, to have the proper clamping of  any profile.
– dual function foot pedal for the separate control of the clamping and nail insertion.
– pneumatic opening of the staple magazine for a very quick reloading.
– Nail heads to insert the staples of different sizes: 7, 10, 15 mm.

It is also equipped with a very strong nail driver able to work for a long time.

Manufactured in 10,000 units it is the most selling model.

Optional accessories:
– Molding clamping device to adjust the pressure for different profiles
– staples claw heads size 3, 4, 5 and 12 mm
– Metal floor stand
– Working bench extensions
– Special fences for hexagons and octagons
– Adjustable tilting fences
– Air filter regulator and lubricator.

On request is available the MINIGRAF 2 version that distinguishes itself (from MINIGRAF 3) because of the horizontal clamping device and the AFC missing.